Fitflop Denmark

The fitflop shoe has several advantages over the normal everyday footwear we all wear. It has been found that they help increase leg and calf muscle activity, promote a better posture, mimic the gait of barefoot walking which is more natural, and improve overall muscle tone. Enter, you can have a wide choices.

Nye Produkter for July

Hot Fitflop Via Kaffe
DKK1,215.00  DKK607.50
Hot Fitflop Florent Supernavy Rød
DKK1,228.65  DKK614.33
Hot Fitflop Fleur Tin
DKK1,187.69  DKK593.85

Hot Fitflop Rock Chic Sogal Sort
DKK1,351.53  DKK675.77
Hot Fitflop Rock Chic Sogaler Sort
DKK1,351.53  DKK675.77
Hot Fitflop Fleur Sort
DKK1,187.69  DKK593.85

Hot Fitflop Dass Brun
DKK1,174.04  DKK587.02
Hot Fitflop Lexx Sort
DKK1,201.35  DKK600.67
Hot Fitflop Lunetta Hvid
DKK1,146.73  DKK573.37

Hot Fitflop Fiorella Hvid
DKK1,160.39  DKK580.19
Hot Fitflop Chada Elektrisk Indigo
DKK1,160.39  DKK580.19